The Awesome Marketing Community is your place to come together with other marketers and share your thoughts, challenges and experiences.

Topics we will cover regularly in the community include
  • Email marketing surgery: Open rates, subject lines, software
  • Events: Value for money, sponsorship costs, dos and don’ts
  • Suppliers: Negotiation tactics
  • Online marketing: SEO, PPC & inbound tips & tricks
  • Social media: Success factors
  • Hiring & firing: Building the perfect team
  • Increasing your influence in the business
  • Working with video: Prices, technology, inspiration
  • Working with web & design: Brand feedback, suggested suppliers
  • Working with content: Platforms, feedback, idea brainstorming
  • Campaigns: Good results & bad – what can we learn?

For your peace of mind, the group is closely monitored to ensure there is a helpful, kind tone between members. Selling or recruiting is not allowed in this group. All members will be expected to not just take advice but also share their own insight.

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